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Who Am I?

I'm a seasoned software testing expert with a passion for Lean Management. Indeed, as Lean Coach, my mission is to help testing teams like yours achieve:

  • Higher productivity

  • Better quality

  • Reduced lead times

  • Improved customer satisfaction

The Lean Testing Philosophy

The true value of software testing lies not just in finding bugs but also in contributing to overall business success. It means, for example, supporting software development teams in understanding where defects are coming from and how to eradicate them!

Testing professionals usually need to remember this fundamental aspect. However, the results were tremendous each time I set it in motion with testing teams using Lean Management approaches. We successfully redefined testers' value for their own organizations, which opened several avenues for testing professionals.

Hence, Lean thinking has been my compass, guiding me to:

  1. Redefine the value testers bring to their organizations and clients

  2. Develop innovative testing methods that align with Lean principles

  3. Reframe traditional testing activities for maximum impact

  4. Cultivate a new, more effective posture for testers in the modern development landscape

What You'll Find Here

This blog is your resource for practical, experience-based insights into what I call "Lean Testing." Here, you'll discover:

  • Real-world case studies of performance improvements in testing teams

  • Concrete examples of Lean Testing methods in action

  • Fresh perspectives on familiar testing activities

  • Strategies for adopting a Lean Testing Mindset

Join me as we explore the evolving role of testers and uncover the true meaning of value in software testing. Together, we'll reshape the future of quality assurance :)

Ready to lean into a more efficient, effective testing process? Let's get started!

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